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Don’t Rush Challenge Video

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Greetings All,

We are putting together a “Don’t Rush Challenge” video featuring one recent grad and we need your students to show off their journey from student to professional.

If you're not familiar with the challenge, it’s pretty much a before and after video, here is an example:

The video from the above link goes from career attire to dress up.

We, however, are looking for a student that goes from comfortable school clothes to career attire. For example, a student could start off with regular clothes or even better something that represents our school (shirts, hats, pennants, signage on the wall, etc.) in the first shot or the "before" shot.

Next, the graduate should be wearing their current employer’s uniform while holding something essential to their job or major in the second shot or "after" shot.

Since all students won’t have the same object, the students can do one of two things:


1. The object being tossed and used for the reveal should be a book related to your field of study or career (textbook, magazine, etc. if you still have it).


2. The object can be a piece of equipment essential to their job(welding helmet, stethoscope, sheers, blood pressure machine) have it close to camera to reveal themselves, push back into the lens and back out to reveal the new them, then back in again for the next student’s reveal.


You will include the following in your video:

1. Name

2. Area of study while at your school

3. Year graduated

4. Current employer or 4-year college

5. Job title or major

6. Your video should be 3-4 seconds on the before shot

7. Your video should be 3-4 seconds on the after shot Send your video to with #Don’tRushChallenge in the subject line.

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