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Casey  Barlow
Maintenance Technician
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Karen  Barnes
LPN Clinical Lab Assistant
251-578-1313  Ext:145
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Kasey  Bradley
WIOA Case Manager
251-578-1313  Ext:152
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Dr. Serena  Brown
CTE/Perkins Coordinator
251-578-1313  Ext:142
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Caroll  V Byrd-Lymon
Director of Adult Education
251-578-1313   Ext:163
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Donna  Falkenberry
Assistant to the Registrar
251-578-1313  Ext:148
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Vivian Rogers  Fountain
Assistant Director Student Activities & Special Populations
251-578-1313  Ext:138
Email Vivian Rogers Fountain
Mandy  Godwin
Media Services/Public Relations Specialist
251-578-1313   Ext:205
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Christy  Goodwin
Director of Financial Aid
251-578-1313  Ext:107
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Ernest  Grace
Buildings and Grounds Superintendent
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Leroy  Hall
Part-time Security Officer
251-578-1313  Ext:162
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Kimberly  Harrison
WIOA Coordinator
251-578-1313  Ext:153
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William  Hawkins
Commercial Truck Driving Lab Assistant
251-578-1313  Ext:182
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Brenda  Jackson
Director of Human Resources
251-578-1313  Ext:147
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Cathy  Langley
Health Careers Student Advisor/Lab Assistant
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Mary  Locke
WIOA Clerical Assistant
251-578-1313  Ext:114
Email Mary Locke
Josh  Maness
Commercial Truck Driving Lab Assistant
251-578-1313  Ext:158
Email Josh Maness
Lavon  Merrills
Maintenance Technician
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Clarinda  Mixon
Receptionist/Commercial Truck Driving Clerical Assistant
251-578-1313  Ext:101
Email Clarinda Mixon
Vickie  Nicholson
251-578-1313  Ext:120
Email Vickie Nicholson
Sharon  North
Payroll Accounting Clerk
251-578-1313  Ext:115
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Ruth  Owens
251-578-1313  Ext:140
Email Ruth Owens
Percy   Parker
Director of Computer Services
251-578-1313  Ext:202
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Mary  Ray
Adult Education Instructional Aide
251-578-1313  Ext:189
Email Mary Ray
Keith  Richardson
Computer Services Assistant
251-578-1313  Ext:141
Email Keith Richardson
Brenda  Riley
Chief of Campus Security
251-578-1313  Ext:162
Email Brenda Riley
Joyce   Sells
Business Office Assistant
251-578-1313  Ext:104
Email Joyce Sells
Latrisa  Simpkins
Career Coach
251-578-1313  Ext:149
Email Latrisa Simpkins
Jenelle  Smith
Director of Accounting/Facilities
251-578-1313  Ext:104
Email Jenelle Smith
Sandra  Smith
Fiscal Office Accountant
251-578-1313  Ext:146
Email Sandra Smith
Melissa  Stallworth
RTW/Recruiting Coordinator
251-578-1313  Ext:157
Email Melissa Stallworth
John  Stokes
Bookstore Manager/Purchasing Agent
251-578-1313  Ext:113
Email John Stokes
Dianne  Vaughn
Cosmetology Lab Assistant
251-578-1313  Ext:119
Email Dianne Vaughn
Laushaun  Watson
Accounting Clerk/Bookstore Manager
251-578-1313  Ext:113
Email Laushaun Watson