Commercial Truck Driving

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Length of Program: 8 weeks

The Commercial Truck Driving program provides the knowledge to work in a high paying industry, in a short period of time. It will provide accessible, quality educational opportunities that will provide individuals with the knowledge, technical skills, and attitudes necessary to obtain entry-level employment in the commercial truck driving profession.

The goal of the certificate program is to produce graduates who are prepared for entry-level employment, upon licensure, as Class “A” commercial truck drivers. Program graduates are to be competent in the technical areas of hours of service regulations, vehicle inspection procedures, basic backing skills, defensive driving techniques, basic driving techniques, driver fatigue recognition and recognition of driving environment hazards. This program creates a foundation for your success.

Reid State Technical College accomplish this by providing students with a comprehensive technical training in the core area of Commercial Truck Driving. The occupational skill preparation is designed to meet the United States Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, and Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) recognized skill standards. The college will ensure program quality through internal certification of graduate competencies and external licensure of graduates by the Commercial Drivers License Division.

Note: This course is not offered for college credit at Reid State Technical College. 

Third Party Commercial Truck Driving Testing

Third Party CDL testing is provided on the RSTC Main Campus at 100 Hwy 83, Evergreen AL and on the RSTC Monroeville Commercial Truck Driving Site at 188 C Sheffield Road, Monroeville, AL.  Individuals interested in scheduling a CDL exam must contact the Third-Party examiner (contact information below).  Requirements for third party testing are:

Submit an Application for Third Party Test 

Contact the RSTC Third Party Examiner to schedule exam

Submit payment for testing fee to the College's Cashier (payment must be submitted in-person)

Third Party Examiner Contact: EVERGREEN: William Hawkins 251-578-1313 ext. 182

                                                             MONROEVILLE: Chad Jerkins 251-743-2553 or 251-578-1313 ext. 101

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Campus Locations

Reid State Technical College

100 HWY 83

Evergreen, AL 36401


Reid State Technical College Instructional Service Center

Monroeville Commercial Truck Driving Site

188 C Sheffield Road

Monroeville, AL 36460