Services Provided

Counseling Services

Counseling services are available to all Reid State Technical College students and prospective students at no cost. The counseling staff offers a full spectrum of specialized and group counseling sessions. Examples of these services include academic counseling, personal counseling, career counseling, diagnostic services for vocational program placement, computerized interest/personality assessments, and academic skills assessments. The Counseling Office has an open door policy so students may come in for services at any time; however, students may also schedule an appointment. All counseling sessions are strictly confidential. Students may visit the Counseling Office in the Student Services Building or call (251) 578-1313 Ext. 231.

Counseling Office

Student Services
Office Hours: Monday – Thursday, 7:30 am – 4:00 pm; Friday, 7:30 am – 11:00 am

Dr. Kevin Ammons Executive Director of Student Services 

251-578-1313 ext. 231

Academic Counseling

As students pursue their education, they may have academic problems (such as schedule and/or program changes, poor academic performance, poor study habits, and test anxiety) which may require the help of counselors. Students are encouraged to first contact their course instructor if they have any difficulty with academic coursework. Students having other academic issues may be referred to the Counselor for assistance.

Personal Counseling

Personal counseling is a service available to all students who may experience personal-emotional problems (such as family problems, marital difficulties, problems with interpersonal relationships), all of which may interfere with students’ academic pursuits and personal growth. Students can request assistance directly or may be referred to counseling by a faculty/staff member. If the personal issues the student faces can best be addressed by external resources, the Counselor will refer the student to available community resources such as Southwest Alabama Behavioral Healthcare Systems, South Central Alabama Mental Health Center, First Step, or Bradford Health Services.

Career Counseling

Students may find it beneficial to discuss career plans and objectives with a counselor. Knowing which path to take towards your career is important to know early in your career journey. Career counseling and resources are available to all Reid State Technical College students and prospective students.

To further assist students with career planning, Reid State provides access to FOCUS2, a self-paced online career and education planning tool for college students. FOCUS2 Career Planning Tool Reid State also provides students with access to BIG Interview, an online system which combines training and practice to help students improve interview techniques and build their self-confidence. BIG Interview Online Career Tool To get started using these resources, contact the Counseling Department by email at to request your access code.

Financial Services

Students encountering financial problems should be referred to the Director of Financial Aid who will provide the student with information concerning scholarships, grants, and college work-study opportunities. If the student needs additional assistance, they may be referred to the College counselor who may initiate a referral to a community resource center.