Program Contact

Type: Associate of Applied Technology

Length of Program: 4 Semesters of Full-time attendance

Type: Short Certificate

Length of Program: 2 Semesters of Full-time attendance

The Computer Information Science department is a degree-granting program that provides quality academic and technical education to students from diverse backgrounds and abilities. The department promotes economic growth by preparing qualified workers for success in today’s complex technical environment.

The purpose of the Computer Information Science program is to provide accessible, quality educational opportunities that will provide individuals with the knowledge, technical skills, and attitudes necessary to obtain entry-level employment in the Computer Information Science profession.

The associate degree and certificate programs are intended to produce graduates who are prepared for employment as entry-level microcomputer specialists or networking specialists. Program graduates are to be competent in the academic areas of communications, mathematics, computer literacy, and human relations and in the technical areas of general computer terminology and concepts, program design and development, system analysis and design, database management, computer installation and maintenance, and computer networking. Reid State Technical College will accomplish program objectives by providing students with a comprehensive general education and technical training in the core area of Computer Information Systems. The occupational skill preparation should meet the recognized skill standards.