Cosmetology Instructor Training

Program Contact

Type: Short-Term Certificate

Length: 2 semesters of Full-time attendance

The purpose of the Cosmetology Instructor Training program is to provide students the opportunity to prepare, train, and develop skills necessary to teach cosmetology or any practices related to personal appearance. This training allows individuals to enter a skilled workforce which will promote personal and economic growth, contribute to community stability and provide an improved quality of life.

The certificate program is intended to produce graduates who are prepared for employment as an entry-level cosmetology instructor. Additional education beyond the cosmetology instructor licensure, specifically a bachelor’s or master’s degree, is required for employment in Alabama’s two-year college system. Program graduates are to be competent in the academic areas of communications, computer literacy, and human relations and in the technical areas of curriculum development, lesson planning and presentation, instructional methods, and classroom management. Reid State Technical College will accomplish program objectives by providing students with a comprehensive general education and technical training in the core area of Cosmetology Instructor Training. The occupational skill preparation should meet the Alabama State Board of Cosmetology recognized skill standards. The college will ensure program quality through internal certification of graduate competencies and external licensure of graduates and program approval by the Alabama State Board of Cosmetology.