College Directory

The information provided below contains our address, telephone number, and fax number. When calling our answering system you will be prompted to key in the extension of the person to whom you wish to speak. Our college personnel with their extension number is provided below. If you would like to contact any of our personnel by email, simply click on the individual's name that you wish to contact.

Reid State Technical College                                                            RSTC Monroeville Commercial Truck Driving Site                               RSTC Health Careers Site
P.O. Box 588                                                                                           188 C Sheffield Road                                                                                    750 Greenville Bypass                                        
Evergreen, AL 36401                                                                            Monroeville, AL 36460                                                                                 Greenville, AL 36036
Phone Number: 251-578-1313                                                            Phone Number: 251-743-2553                                                                  Phone Number: 334-382-2133
Fax Number: 251-578-5355                                                               


Boykin, Dr. Coretta
251-578-1313 Ext. 137
Purifoy, Dr. Tangela
Dean of Students
251-578-1313 Ext. 151
Smith, Jenelle
Director of Accounting/Facilities
251-578-1313 Ext. 104


Cole, David
Director of Workforce Development/Career Technical Education Instructor
251-578-1313 Ext. 188
Godwin, Margaret
Practical Nursing Instructor
251-578-1313 Ext. 158
Gray, Dr. Roslana
Health Careers Divison Chair
251-578-1313 Ext. 136
Hall-Grace, Felicia
Practical Nursing Instructor
251-578-1313 Ext. 126
Jerkins, Chad
Commercial Truck Driving Trainer-Monroeville Site
Johnson, Shirley
Cosmetology Instructor
251-578-1313 Ext. 139
Joyner, Daphne
Biology/English Instructor
251-578-1313 Ext. 244
Lett, Derrick
Welding Technology Instructor
251-578-1313 Ext. 121
Merrills, Rhonda
Adult Education Instructor
251-578-1313 Ext. 160
Nickson, Lonnie
Commercial Truck Driving Instructor
251-578-1313 Ext. 154
Nobles, Ann
Practical Nursing Instructor
251-578-1313 Ext. 159
Preyear, Steven
Math Instructor
251-578-1313 Ext. 211
Ray, Mary
Adult Education Instructor
251-578-1313 Ext. 189
Robinson, Lois
Business Administration Instructor
251-578-1313 Ext. 118
Stewart, Jacquelyn
Practical Nursing Instructor
251-578-1313 Ext. 235
Williamson, Jody
Industrial Electricity & Electronics/Industrial Maintenance Instructor
251-578-1313 Ext. 156


Barnes, Karen
LPN Clinical Lab Assistant
251-578-1313 Ext. 145
Bradley, Kasey
WIOA Case Manager
251-578-1313 Ext. 152
Brown, Dr. Serena
Coordinator of Institutional Research & Planning
251-578-1313 Ext. 142
Bush, Dustin
Fiscal Office Accountant/Cashier
2515781313 Ext. 146
Byrd-Lymon, Caroll
Director of Adult Education
251-578-1313 Ext. 163
Fountain, Vivian
Student Services Specialist/Student Activities Coordinator
251-578-1313 Ext. 138
Godwin, Mandy
Media Services/Public Relations Specialist
251-578-1313 Ext. 205
Goodwin, Christy
Director of Financial Aid
251-578-1313 Ext. 107
Hawkins, William
Commercial Truck Driving Lab Assistant
251-578-1313 Ext. 182
Jackson, Brenda
Director of Human Resources
251-578-1313 Ext. 147
Locke, Mary
WIOA Clerical Assistant
251-578-1313 Ext. 114
Mixon, Clarinda
Receptionist/Commercial Truck Driving Clerical Assistant
251-578-1313 Ext. 101
Nicholson, Vickie
251-578-1313 Ext. 120
North, Sharon
Payroll Accounting Clerk
251-578-1313 Ext. 115
Ray, Natalie
Admission & Records Clerk
251-578-1313 Ext. 148
Richerson, Stacia
Student Account Receivable/Accounting Assistant
251-578-1313 Ext. 103
Seay, Jazzma
WIOA Case Manager
251-578-1313 Ext.133
Sells, Joyce
Business Office Assistant
251-578-1313 Ext. 123
Simpkins, Latrisa
Career Coach
251-578-1313 Ext. 149
Stallworth, Melissa
Recruiting Coordinator
251-578-1313 Ext. 157
Vaughn, Dianne
Cosmetology Lab Assistant
251-578-1313 Ext. 119
Watson, Laushaun
Accounting Clerk/Bookstore Manager
251-578-1313 Ext. 113