Childcare Education

Program Contact

Type: Associate of Applied Technology

Length: 5-6 Semesters of Full-time attendance 

The purpose of the Child Development and Education program is to provide accessible, quality educational opportunities that will provide individuals with the knowledge, technical skills, and attitudes necessary to obtain entry-level employment in the childcare professions. This degree program is intended to produce graduates who are prepared for employment as childcare directors or teachers, Head Start teachers or assistants, and teacher’s aides.

Program graduates are to be competent in the academic areas of communications and mathematics and in the technical areas of planning programs for children, child development, creative experiences for children, and child health, safety and nutrition. Reid State Technical College will accomplish program objectives by providing students with a comprehensive general education and technical training in the core area of Child Development and Education.

The occupational skill preparation should meet the Child Development Association (CDA) recognized skill standards. The College will ensure program quality through internal certification of graduate competencies and external credentialing of graduates through the Child Development Association. The philosophy and purpose of the Child Development and Education program is consistent with that of the governing institution. The Child Development and Education Program is located at the main campus.