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Program Purpose

The purpose of the Nursing Assistant Program is to prepare students as a long-term care nursing assistant in preparation for certification through competency evaluation. Emphasis is placed on the development of the knowledge, attitudes, and skills required of the long-term care nursing assistant. Upon completion of this course, the student should demonstrate satisfactory performance on written examinations and clinical skills.

Reid State offers two training options for nursing assistant. Students must following admission requirements based on the training option.

Program Options:

OPTION 1 (Non-Credit):

Reid State offers a non-credit training option for nursing assistants. Students can train through the College’s Workforce Development Training for Business and Industry (TBI) division in collaboration with a nursing facility.

Non-Credit Length of Course:

This option is offered in a 3-week format in collaboration with a health facility. The College also offers nursing assistance as a 6-week non-credit course in collaboration with the adult education department.

Non-Credit Admissions Requirements

Applicants entering the non-credit or TBI track must complete the non-credit Nursing Assistant admission application and provide a valid photo ID. Additionally, all applicants must submit a drug screen and background check to register.

Program Cost/Fees TBI/Non-Credit

Books $200.00

Materials/Supplies/Tools $426.00

Uniforms $225.00

Test/Exam Costs $125.00

Program Tuition Costs & Fees $644.00

Insurance Fees ($5.12 for Fall and Spring, $3.41) $5.12

Other Program Costs $875.00

Overall Program Estimated Costs $2,500.12

Additional Program Expenses

Drug Screen and Background Check $69.00

Urine Drug Screen Collection Up to $25.00

OPTION 2 (For Credit)

Reid State offers Nursing Assistance in a four-credit hour course during the fall, spring and summer semesters based on availability. Students taking this option can seamlessly transfer course to the Health Science Program. The course option is NAS 100 (see course description in RSTC Catalog).

For Credit Length of Course: Students can complete NAS 100 during a 15 week course offered in the fall and spring Semesters or in a 10 week course offered during the summer semester.

For-Credit Admissions Requirements

1. Must be at least 16 years of age as documented by birth certificate, school records or driver’s license.

2. Complete an online admissions application (undeclared program option).

3. Official high school transcript or GED and college transcript(s).

4. Applicants are required to take the Placement Exam.

5. While a high school diploma or GED is the preferred entry requirement, the applicant may be admitted provided he or she:

a. Present official transcript documenting completion of the 10th grade and promotion to the 11th grade.

b. Pass the Ability-to-Benefit (ATB) on a standardized, federally approved entrance test. Applicants admitted under the ATB provision must be obtained the GED prior to graduation.

Exam schedule and GED testing may be obtained from the Testing Coordinator

Prior to clinical placement the student must show proof of liability insurance (purchased through the school), completion of a health form, a drug and alcohol screen and background check required by the participating clinical agency, all of which will be purchased at the student’s own expense. In addition, random drug screens will be conducted if there is reasonable cause to believe a student is in violation of the institutional conduct code of the federal Drug-Free Workplace Act Regulations. If the student has a 94 positive drug screen, then the student will be dismissed from the program immediately.